Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bulk SMS empower US market

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS service has proven its power to the whole world as the service is providing more power to US market. The big brands in the country are getting more benefits because the beauty of the service. This service is not restricted by price, location or demographics. All Big brands in US like Nike, Pontiac G6, Dove, Axe, Adidas and American Express are using the service to interact with their customers.

According to one of the Mobile company, 84% of US consumers keep their mobile with them all day and, on average, 96% of text messages are read. This makes the bulk SMS service more popular now a days. Another beauty of the service is that you can easily monitor delivery and track reports to your mobile marketing campaign, bulk text messages provide one of the few measurable returns on marketing spend. In the other words, you can easily reach to your target through the service. This bulk SMS service give consumers the option of reading your message at their convenience, wherever they are.

In today's market, Enterprises have to add this mobile component service to their business for the expansion of business. US businesses can use bulk SMS increase profit margins by selling mobile products, services or content through premium-rated bulk text messages.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS Service

In today era, Marketing is not limited to newspapers, hording and television. The technology has tapped its impact on the marketing sector too like other sectors. Now a days, Big entrepreneur as well as small entrepreneur are using Bulk SMS Service for the expansion of their business. Bulk SMS is a sort of service which enables user to send thousands of SMS in minutes. It is the fastest way to increase the marketing aspect for the business. These thousands of SMS send from an internet connected PC to the user's device or mobile.

For this service, an application is hosted on a central server and the registered client’s login to the system. Now, Clients maintain lists of their numbers as Groups in the Address Books. Then, SMS can be sent in bulk to any number of mobile phone anywhere in the country with Discount / SALE announcements by using the service. Apart from it, many Companies can integrate the system (using APIs or HTTP URLs) in their own SAP / ERP servers for automated messaging like payment reminders and renewal due dates and alerts.

Highlights of Bulk SMS Service

* Ease of use
* Ease of integration
* zero start-up costs
* Feed-back through delivery reports
* Stronger ROI case than other media
* Better commission margins than traditional advertising

This Bulk SMS Service costs its users 7 to 14 paisa/sms which is very lower cost then any other marketing strategy.