Saturday, January 30, 2010

Reliance 1 Paisa SMS Plan

New SMS plan in to the market from the side of Reliance mobile technology, Reliance offer very good package for user. this service is available for both GSM and CDMA users, at a very low cost. Reliance Communications a vey well known comapny in the communication network has introduces two new SMS offers to its users. The company provides world class servies to the mobile user.
Reliance 1 Paisa SMS Plan

In this plans Reliance Communications offers unlimited SMS at Rs 1 per day and 1 paisa per SMS,this is a good plan for user they usualy use SMS services, in that use have to pay Rs 1 for a day and after that you have to pay Rs 1 paisa with every SMS. The offer is also vailabel for Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

Reliance 1 Paisa SMS Plan
Pre Paid SMS Plan

Type Value Proposition Pack Rental
SMS STV 1p/ SMS for Local, National and Roaming Rs 11 Per Month
Daily Pack Unlimited SMS (Local,National and Roaming) Rs 1 Per Day

Post Paid SMS Plan

Type Value Proposition Pack Rental
Simple SMS pack 1p/ SMS for Local, National and Roaming Rs 11 Per Month
Free SMS Pack Unlimited SMS (Local,National and Roaming) Rs25Per Month

Monday, January 25, 2010

Smoke Messaging System

Smoke Messaging System

New technology in the area of SMS technology which is a good architecture from design studio Minimaforms which combines cutting edge communication with its most primitive form. With the help of this technology you can project SMS messages onto smoke plumes,by forming the text signals in the sky. This superb system was installed in two locations one is the OFFLOAD festival in Bristol and other one is in England last month.

In the festival all participants engage in a collective act of writing space through the use of light as a virtual writing machine onto ephemeral plumes of smoke by Minimaforms technology. In other words, we can say that the lookers can text messages which is displayed using light projected into plumes of smoke.

Smoke Messaging System
This new SMS technology is becoming a trend in the art and design space. We already know about the SMS mirror, which allows you to send messages on top of a reflected image. There is also the SMS Guerilla Projector that can display texts on a variety of public spaces. It’s interesting to note that when the art and design melds with technology, then they are also becoming more collective and collaborative in nature.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Call via SMS

Idea of SMS has been reached at the acceptable level across the map. Countless SMSes moves daily all around the globe. The 160-character SMS message is one of the best and a simplest way to stay in touch with your family and friends throughout the world. In this series, technology concern people present a new concept 'Call via SMS' along with SMS sending service. Now people can enjoy even more calling at economical price via SMS. Call via SMS
SMS gateway is foremost concept required to implement to start calling through SMS. After that user can start cost effective ‘Call via SMS’. For example, any call can be made through a SMS activated mobile device to California just less than a $. Users can easily interface between two mobile handset devices through dial pad whether if it is a mobile keypad or computer keyboard. This
technology serves a reliable telephonic connection along with crystal clear sound quality. SMS gateway wraps up non interrupting voice transfer at comparatively low call rates. Therefore the concept of call through SMS becoming a best way to move voice based data amongst the various SMS supported services.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Walk with Windows Live SMS Search for mobile device

Windows Live SMS Search Windows Live SMS Search a very interesting feature and I am completely set to follow this service. There is no trouble for unintelligent but they can act like a brainier. The people can simple get the detailed information about whatever they find in their way and can locate any desirable spot around the town. People go outside and mostly forget to take the contact information, mobile number, address and all along with them about where they wanted to go.

Windows Live offers just a simple way to resolve this problem. People can easily access the information by just wipe out the phone device, type what you looking for, send SMS message to 95483(WLIVE) and get details about their favorite. Money saving, time saving, easy to access are the best segments of Windows Live SMS Search. Windows Live SMS Search offers the ability to save details on user's phone device so mobile carrier don’t have to look it up again. They can also dial for details and then move to the business. Earlier, if line seems busy than user have to wait for it until line get clear but now all those problems are in under control.
This is really a user friendly feature and Windows live has been launch its beta version for mobile users.

Mobile carries can follow the process given below until it step in to the market.

1. Wipe out mobile phone and send a SMS message to 95483 (WLIVE)
2. Type quires to discover location
3. If you wants quick reply always start quires with a ? (Question mark)
e.g.? Friendship day

Here’s a complete roll out about how people can come across with Windows Live SMS Search and become even an intelligent as well.

Local Search Queries
• Local Business & Residential Listing ( e.g. Starbucks and your zip code)
• Reverse Phone Number Lookup (‘4258828080’)

Instant Answer Queries
• Stock Quotes
• Area & Country Telephone Codes
• Word Definitions – use ‘D’ instead of ‘?’
• Holiday Dates
• Math (Calculations, Unit Conversions & Equation Solutions- ‘? 20% of 326.85' or ‘? Centi meters in inch’ or ‘? 8y^6+y+50=18’

Health & General Information (e.g. ‘? Calories in Martini’ OR ‘? Tokyo Population’)

Auto Spell-check and Correction

Improved Formatting of Result Messages

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition

In a press release, Samsung’s spokesperson finally made an official statement to launch its most awaiting S8300 phone in market.
This superb device came out with touch screen technology. In S8300 series, two stunning models will be available shortly in market i.e.
Tocco and the Samsung Soul.

One Stop Features:

* Tocco Ultra pull out with 2.8” complete touch screen display
* Enjoy
SMS messaging, MMS, email
* An accelerometer which allow user to move screen automatically from portrait to landscape
* A standby sensor in order to save battery life
* 8 Megapixel camera with autofocus facility and face and smile detection
* Supports all video format with 30fps and video editing option making it eye-catching device
* HSDPA connectivity put forward up to 7.2 Mbps lightening fast browsing and downloading speed
* A
GPS Satnav receiver, Bluetooth and an MP3 player make this a very usefulm mobile indeed.
* The Tocco Ultra Edition available in ultra slim size - 12.8mm thick
* Traditional alpha-numeric keypad

Expected Availability in market:

Samsung Tocco Ulta Edition - March

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Top 5 iPhone Application For SMS Backup

iPhone really a first choice for every mobile phone user but this device lacking in market due to few important and frequently use features i.e. forward, bulk send. Besides that users also facing the problem in keeping SMS backup. The bad side of iPhone is users have to clean their inbox after 100 SMS message in order to continue receive new messages. Users, there is no need to tolerate these kind of problems because there will be solutions.

Here, Top 5 iPhones SMS application are made to heal your problem.

1. iPhone backup SMS extractor

iPhone Backup SMS Extractor application helps users to save all contact, details and SMS messages as well in compatible in use format i.e. PDF, CSV and XML. The best part of this application is there is no installation require so user can restore his/her iPhone later. This application also cater facility to extract /export & save SMS / texts , contact list/ address book from an iPhone 2G / 3Gs to windows based computer.

Pro and Con


* Download Free
* Installation does not requires
* Support both windows based PC & Apple Macintosh
* Effortlessness use


Entering personal detail might to dangerous for your account


2. Syphone

Pro and Con


* Simple interfacing
* Outstanding features and stability
* All in one application solution


* This application available for only for Macintosh OS X 10.4 or later, iTunes 7.4 or later, iPhone
* No free version for Ultimate version
* Application can only be installing in Macintosh and make it possible to view, save, and backup user’s SMS
* Archive feature is including viewing conversation through SMS.

3. Tansee iPhone Transfer

Pro and Con

* Take SMS back up and move data iPhone to PC
* Easy accessible option to view & edit iPhone SMS in PC
* View SMS in Text file format, ANTS file format, MHT file format on PC
* Password protected
* Users can print any SMS


* Simple using application
* Support all Windows OS version i.e. Windows OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista


* Costly USD 19.99

4. aSMS

Pro and Con

This brilliant application makes possible forwarding mails, send features and ability to read out the Phonebook from SIM card. aSMS is simply browse based program so user can utilize it on a pc remotely. This application quit significant for CJK language users so users get some facility to apply javascript IME to enter their characters.

Pro and Con


* This application supports all Chinese /CJK languages
* Ability to read out SIM card phonebook and SMS messages
* FREE version available


* Downloading possible through Safari browser
* This app will not work on all firmware versions


Pro and Con


* Facility to work on landscape view
* Deliver SMS from users to relative match up in chat mode too.
* Easy process for sending contacts
* Simply search for contacts.


* Have to Jailbreak

Monday, January 11, 2010

“Near me now” Google's Mobile Search helps in finding Location

Google Near me now

Google added a latest feature "Near me now" with in its home page for iPhone and Android handsets. This feature really very exciting for every mobile phone users just because of it offers ability to read out the news according to user interest. The users can also view number of concern topics in a well formatted list on one Google page.

This new feature really makes a difference big between fixed-location search and mobile search. This feature can make right in use very easily through Google .com from any of apple's iPhone and for Android, users can look up their interested topic by clicking on "Near me now" option. after Google's Voice SMS service this feature another bang in mobile phone market. In Androids, the option “Near me now” quit intense to assist user in urgent area. It meets with detailed information about the particular location and article. The movies places, possible nearby restaurants, hotels, hospitals, Emergency are the examples in a row that a user might find helpful.

More over, Google becomes more conscious about some other popular groups for urban area people. For example “Restaurant” looks like high priority category for Google mobile search. As following Android “Near me now” permit to extract information about the movie theater near by a user’s contemporary location.

Presently, “Near me now” only supports Apple iPhone (OS 3.x) or Android-loaded devices with version 2.0.1 or later versions of the Android operating system.
If we have a look over the mobile search reviews than we will defiantly find that this option is quit reliably, best in use and very helpful for users when their location is uncertain in city.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

KEYWORDS Pampers Search for Mobile Marketing

mobile searchMobile marketing suggested depending on the type of keywords in which a business aims to target. Spokesman for Pixl8, Jonathan McLellan explained that mobile website’s standing can increase campaign’s success. This can be achieved through use of key search terms like smaller brands dominate the rankings by targeting one single, wide-reaching keyword. He commented: “It would make more sense to target less used phrases related to its specialty.”

Search term should be broader in order to achieve the campaign’s success– such as
’search engine optimization (SEO) for finance sector website’.
After a report by Internet Advertising Bureau Europe and InSites Consultancy, found that 70 per cent of search engine users stop browsing after scanning the first 20 results of a query, because they have usually found what they are looking for in those first results.

Mobile MarketingAdvisers can no longer ignore Mobile Marketing as almost everyone had a phone & companies are becoming more successful channels with Google & apple. The another face of Mobile marketing is Bulk SMS marketing it also becoming a popular way among business carriers. The iPhone manufacturer bought mobile advertising network Quattro Wireless in a deal worth $275 million (£173 million), while the search engine giant purchased AdMob in 2009 for $750 million earlier this week.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mobile Marketing

Mobile MarketingMobile Marketing is becoming a very important aspect for any Business to get increase the popularity and selling graph. Presently, Marketing department of any company is getting very smarter day by day. so they chosen a easy and smarter way of marketing called as 'Mobile Marketing'. Mobile SMS Marketing helps in accomplishing the marketing strategies. Now a day’s mobile phones are very much in use for communication so mobile device proving a good and easy way to get in direct touch with targeted customers.

Researchers are really always on edge to develop new idea beyond the available technology and serve useful solution for every common people, makes able keep themselves update as well. No one can really define the expansion and limit of technologies. The Mobile advertising is going very useful for Mobile carries because they are now able to get update their knowledge about particulars.

Attractive features of Mobile SMS marketing:

* Anytime, anywhere direct and immediate contact with customers.
* Helps to aim any particular group of people based on their particulars i.e. profession, age
* Cost cutting way and reduce men power.
* Large possibilities for business to get highlight particular brand in market
* Can be simply incorporated in electronic media i.e. TV, print and radio

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tata DOCOMICS Fun for Children


In 2010 ‘Tata Teleservices' a name all prepared to glitter like a pearl in GSM market. NTT DOCOMO has escorting TATA Teleservices to land DOCOMICS. DOCOMICS a name that caters facility to read comics on your mobile phone by installing viewer application. Application makes you able to get your eyes on comics’ content frame by frame, also allow downloading comics through enabling GPRS service. Users can unblock DOCOMICS service by sending a free SMS.

According to a press release “Tata DOCCOMO users will now be able to avail popular Marvel Comics and Japanese Manga using this service”.

After DOCOMICS service Tata DOCOMO will be introduce as the first m-comics service provider in India where users are able to access and enjoy all the fun of comics books along with unique effects.

"It is a significant achievement of the collaboration between NTT DOCOMO and TTSL in order to develop and introduce enhanced services and technologies into Indian market," NTT DOCOMO's Executive Advisor, Global Business Division, Murat O Karadeniz, said.

In the opening, the offer can be loaded by paying only 15 Rs/comic chapters. This facility will provide free for local network subscribers. Subscribers can make it in use after a confirmation SMS send by service provide.

"We are confident that this format will rapidly gain popularity and further strengthen the brand," Tata DOCOMO-Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra), General Manager (Marketing), Gandhi Balsubramaniam, said.
Tata Teleservices spreading with a considerable speed across all over in India and flagging its success over 3.5 lakhs towns and villages.

Tata DOCOMO is a combine investment between Tata Teleservices Limited and Japanese telecom giant NTT DOCOMO.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vodafone, Google Nexus One coming along

Google Nexus One

The celebration is high on edge for mobile users after an official confirmation made by communication giant Vodafone on 'Nexus One'mobile phone.

Vodafone spokesperson announced Wednesday “I can confirm that Vodafone is the first operator to partner with Google to offer the 'Nexus One' in Europe, starting soon in the UK, in a few short weeks,” Vodafone also in early discussion with Google to introduce 'Nexus One' in France, Germany and other European countries later in this year. “No detail on pricing and precise timing has yet been made, but that will come in a few weeks.”

The smart phone lovers making it popular by send free SMS to each other.

The smart phone device will manufacture association with Taiwan electronics group HTC, knocking a face to face challenge to Apple's top-selling iPhone.

Customers can buy 'Nexus One' directly from any Google web store. The subsidy has to be offers soon after a contract with Vodafone. Few agencies might takes help of Bulk SMS software for campaigning.
Google Nexus One

Independently, a spokeswoman of O2 said "We have been following Google's announcement with interest.

"We have been following Google's announcement with interest," said a spokeswoman for O2, which is the British division of Spanish telecoms group Telefonica.
"We welcome innovation in our industry and have already seen devices such as the Apple iPhone and Palm Pre has a huge effect on the way people use their mobile phones."

She added: "We have no current announcement to make about supporting the 'Google Nexus One' but we will continue to review and refresh our product range to ensure we meet the demands of our customers."
Google Nexus One

Thanks: Yahoo!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nokia N97 Hot in White

Nokia all set to come with a eye captivating white color with its N97 handset. N-series really a biggest, most popular and heart desirable mobile brand for every cell phone user, in current time. The new white color adding four moons in luxury and style of handset and making device hotter. It appears that there is a bug which is affecting the scheduling and dates of SMS messages. Nokia N97 Mini White compact yet elegant Smart phone fulfill the entire requirement which user are wants form a computer system so it may call as pocket computer and a very simple way to make life easier.Nokia N97 Mini


*  User can slightly tilt the screen and find it an exact laptop look
* QVGA display with 3.2”, quit enough to display 16.7 million colors at 640 x 360 pixels resolution
*  Mobile screen powered with specialties like proximity sensor for auto turn-off, accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate and handwriting recognition making it more demand among users
*  Dimension 1.42cm x 5.25cm x 11.3cm with around 138 grams weight
* This communication tool comes with an array of messaging technologies that include regular
SMS and MMS while users will be happy to find features like Push Email (SMTP, IMAP4 & POP3), Email with Attachments, Email Web Widget and Instant Messaging as well
* Loaded with Data sharing and connectivity technology i.e. 3G HSDPA, WLAN Wi-Fi, Blue-tooth v2.0 with A2DP, Micro USB, GPRS and EDGE
* 24x7 Get in touch with web lives updates by using compatible browsers along with RSS Feeds through this smart phone
* Nokia N97 Mini White caters GPS navigation, Nokia Maps and Digital Compass facilities. it also comes along A-GPS support, as well
* MicroSD card slot supports 8GB memory space with 128MB inbuilt RAM and expandable up to 16GB.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Bulk SMS Marketing Empowers your Business

Bulk SMS Marketing

Mobile Phones have given a new height to communication world. Today, the number of pockets is loaded with mobile phones to keep users a step ahead. So In fast paced market the business carries are becoming very clear on his way to popular their business. No doubt business carriers taking help of Bulk SMS marketing to raise their profitability and popularity as well day by day. To provide a better way of communication the development in mobile technologies always been considered i.e. music, video calling, emails, games and all. But the interest in SMS messages has remained same because of its easy to use process to connect with anyone around the world. No other medium is not as effective at reaching directly at consumer’s end. Arber technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers effective Bulk SMS marketing tools to reach at consumer's point anywhere in India in significant time span at just 7 paisa 10,00,000 SMS messages. Arbersms also offers push and pulls SMS service in potential market.Due to one of the major bad marks of e-mail is that it is sometimes fetch with spam mail. So there is the risk to move that e-mail in trash box. But in the case of SMS marketing it easily store up the messages in SMSC server and can be make it in use any time if needed. This service differentiating aspect for any business needs to make alive in recession.
Bulk SMS Marketing
This type of marketing tool is pretty good in order to touch youngsters and teenager’s mind as well. Bulk SMS marketing centers to create awareness and make acquisition your product among consumers and encourage them to take part in special schemes of company’s services or brand. The advantage of Bulk SMS marketing can be understood by a simple example i.e. Imagine your company launch new service or product and detail will be provided, if users is busy and your company’s agent calling him/her for new offers subscriber will surely gets annoy. But if business carries send off SMS to users he/she will receive SMS definitely and read in free time with relax mood, the probability gets raise to use of yours company’s service/product.

Why Arber SMS only:

* Reputed Bulk SMS provide in India, here you ensure that your SMS message reach at consumer’s end
* Each and every tool is software based so no special hardware specification and highly upgraded mobile handsets required
* No bogus commitment
* Technically sound staff to assist consumers every time
* Send Bulk SMS message at very high transmission speed
* Available SMS at very reasonable price (7 paisa 10,00,000 SMS messages) with high quality service
* Reduce popularity efforts for business carriers

Benefits of Bulk SMS for marketing:

Because of easy availability of mobile phone among users, Bulk SMS marketing giving power to your business.

* Instant service
* Easy combination and set up installation
* Direct interaction with customers
* Reduce costs by sending Bulk SMS over calling a mobile
* Increase brand awareness and increase response rates
* Use to announce new product, new store openings, special events, and special offers
* SMS alert for booking ticket confirmation, interviews call, appointment reminders, news updates., stock update product availability, exchange rates weather forecasts sports scores etc.
* Tremendously convenient in use
* Personalize user’s Bulk SMS message with receipt’s name for birthday wishes, congratulations on an important achievement
* Assemble product when the product/service message is being sent by a Sender ID / Brand ID which is specified by consumers

Sunday, January 3, 2010

General Mobile Cosmos Android phone revealed

Cosmos Android phone

General Mobileis expected to launch their second Android smart phones which will expectedly ablaze the mobile market. The phone is planned to be launched in the beginning of year 2010. We are thankful to Mobile Burn which helps to brings out the name and very first photo of the mobile phone: “The Cosmos”. The design of Cosmos phone pretty much similar like HTC mobile device with advanced features over the DSTL1. The Cosmos set to become first mobile device which runs Android 2.0. The deal has been signed yet the launch date still remains unclear but we are hoping it will available soon on Android app store. Cosmos allow users to transfer SMS messages with an effective speed. This one feature give unbelievable advantage .i.e. save interacting time of sales person with consumers, in hence revenues by the means of quality control on marketing team, sales person can check dispatch status, stocks levels through SMS messages. Allow companies to update their regular customers. SMS services also help to place the order. In market users are very much excited about to know that how Cosmos will be able to run on just 128 MB RAM capacity where as Droid and Nexus mobile phones are using 256 MB, 512 MB memory capacity consequently.

Cosmos Android phone
• Marvell PXA935 624Mhz CPU ( Tavor P65 )
• HSDPA/WCDMA/EDGE/GPRS/GSM for up to 3.6Mbps downloads
Android OS 2.0 Eclair
• Built-in General Mobile Android app store
• New 3D animated UIs
• 5.0 MP AF SONY sensor camera (same as in the DSTL1)
• 3.2-inch HVGA (320 x 480 pixel) capacitive multi-touch screen
• Bluetooth 2.0
• Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
• 256MB NAND + 128MB DDR, micro SD cards up to 16GB
• Trackball controller
GPS and electronic compass
• FM radio
• 1500mAh battery

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Globaltel Media Knocking the World to Flip SMS At CES 2010

CES 2010

Basically, SMS message are use to exchange words for those people who do not carry smart phone. Besides it, every person uses cell phone messenger client. As far as my concern I think people prefers SMS message for chatting with friend outside the work place rather than email transferring. Globaltel plans to alter this culture. The big daddies of Globaltel suppose that SMS technology still has unwrapped applications. Now they set up mind to try their hand and going to confirm it in world’s largest consumer’s technology tradeshow, CES 2010,
Globaltel deals in two application based products Alirti and Cherple. These products will be explore soon in CES 2010 tradeshow. Alirti based consumer’s solution grant delivering of rich contents i.e. songs clips, pictures and even executable files from and to any mobile device in SMS text format. It is really an appreciable approach but there is little bit confusion in implementation just because of, Has every person will be able to send executable file
through SMS message?
Whereas, Cherple stands on less probability for mistreat. To make it in use this one can be get download from website. Consumers can use free version which allows sending free SMS messages to each and every users out there with a mobile phone. By and large this is a browser based application so only smart phone carriers can use it. Free Bulk SMSing is totally equals to loss of revenues but still that’s insufficient to prevent anyone from saving their money.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Acer Liquid

Acer Liquid

Acer knocks the mobile phone market by its new launch “Acer Liquid”. The shiny surface and basic colors i.e. white, black, gray are attracting more mobile users towards the product. The users always prefer to buy a phone which looks like a smart phone with better finishing, the Acer liquid fulfill all these expectations.
The Acer Liquid consists a 3.5” WVGA wide-screen display. It supports all music and video format so people can enjoy songs all the time and bookmarks their favorites. Acer Liquid give authority to send SMS messages effectively. The phone has an interesting application to toggle WI-Fi, Blue tooth, and GPS, network, screen brightness and timeout options.Acer Liquid
Road Sync is a default program in Acer liquid mobile for synchronizing, Outlook calendar, email and contacts through Microsoft Exchange Active Sync.
      Acer Liquid reside feature of spinning streaming video, music and nemo player for multimedia playback. This mobile phone works on Android 1.6 operating system. Acer Liquid is a perfect combination of Android in company with a spectrum of Google-related apps including G mail, Marketplace, Google Talk and Maps. It also caters the facility of exchange SMS messages. Acer Liquid using the GHz Snapdragon processor which is under clocked to 768MHz that boosts up the battery life.Acer Liquid