Monday, November 30, 2009

SMS Volumes

SMS LoversIndia one bright name, is exploring a new horizon on map. So how it could happens that Indian mobile users lags behind rest of the world. Research shows that the youth in India spend significant amount of time in sending SMS via internet or mobile. The big daddies of IT giant company Gartner unveils the fact that the SMS Volume is likely to be at level 1,916 in end of the year of 2013. 

Gartner Inc. has also put some identification (used as a label) on top 10 user's cell phone application for the year 2012. Gartner tabulate mobile applications based on their influence on user's and industry champ considering consumer value considering revenue ,loyalty business model and calculated market presentation. 

According to available numbers, the future of India expecting to catch the fancy of youth. The SMS are evidencing a profitable deal for telecom. Market experts claim that the big reason behind the considerable improvement in graph is continuous and appreciable growth of Indian market, they also said that the less pricing of per SMS taking control on youth which is targeting SMS users in India.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

SMS at one paisa

RCOMAccording to latest news, RCOM launch a new SMS tariff plan for subscriber. This step offering a very tough competition among the area of telecom service providers. RCOM is all set for the dice rolling by cheapen its SMS charges to 1P/SMS from the current rate 50P/SMS. If others operator want to withstand in this edge cutting competition in telecom market they must expected to follow. The Two other competitor Airtel and Vodaphone denied to comment when asked if they would cut rates.
Under this plan, users can send SMS anywhere in India from their current location just only at 1Paisa, on recharge Rs11 for a month. For subscribing a new plan, a users can also send unlimited messages just on 1 Rs/day. RCOM offering this scheme for both CDMA and GSM subscriber. At present, most telecom operator RCOMcharge 50P/SMS, under running scheme. Their currently moving price battle set to start at the end of year as new competitor Tata DOCOMO ready to start its services. The Tata DOCOMO is new GSM service provider, tighten knot to offer its per second plan in February. After this, roaming charges will crush soon as RCOM begin its 1p/sec roaming charge.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

mobile sms gadget

SMS gadgetA technology driven company launched a latest SMS gadget with a special extension of 'Resco Contact Manager 2nd Edition' supported by Newly launched operating system Windows 7 and Windows Vista as well.

This application provide a user friendly platform to send SMS through desktop Device, but device should be attach with the PC. This gadget saves time in a effective manner and permitting fingers to move on keyboard which is much easier and faster than typing on the any other device/mobile Phone device, faster typing from clipboard proven very helpful at the same time of sending and receiving Windows 7SMS, stores on the desktop and mobile as well.

After installing this gadget, it is required to integrate with gadget bar on desktop.
Then terminate Device with the PC, ‘Refresh’ button allow user to load all contact. The sending procedure is quit simple by selecting Number of recipient. typing the text and click on 'Send SMS'.

Bulk SMS

BulkSMSAds through Cellular Technology has becoming a potential way for advertising. Billion of Cell phone users are intense towards Bulk SMS technology & this number is evolving Day by day.

BulkSMS advertising can be used for following meaning:

*   Introduce/advertise a new Product and Service through Bulk SMS.
*   Rapid Building of Brand Name through Bulk SMS.
*   Advertise Sales promotions through Bulk SMS.
*   Companies use Bulk SMS to Address Reminder for offers, payments etc., to their clients.
*   Mobile coupons offers bonus using Bulk SMS.
*   Event Reminders.
*   Bulk SMS helps in Taking feed back about product.
*   Achieve leads through Bulk SMS.
*   The company uses Bulk SMS for Manpower Recruitment.
*   Political Campaign.
*   Cricket Updates, Games Update, SMS Polls etc.
*   The company use this service to alert their employee about emergencies and critical situation.
*   Company can send greeting to their customers and clients on festival/occasion.
*   Company can send alert about Important issue for roaming employees.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Advertising ?

*   Unlimited fun through SMS by a single click.
*   Dedicated keyword can put on high priority, help in advertisement.
*   No maintaining cost.
*   User Friendly and Easy in navigation as well.
*   Based on automated software by following few simple steps.
*   Time saving Process Because of it is a Quick to create, conceptualize and easy to start up advertising.
*   Company can target any concern group, Age, Gender, City, buying capacity as well.Raise product/services sales graph.
*   Less costly, lighting way & provide immediate results.
*   Direct approch to Audience.
*   Deeply professional / Personalized.
*   Stronger than other media i.e. Radio, Television, Print.
*   Customers can send SMS to their F n F group.

And Prices?

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SMS Tariffs ,TRAI set to lure everyone

SMSSMS Tariff all set to cut with telecoms watchdog. TRAI considering again its chronic policy of free competition on tariffs. TRAI Official expose that SMS Tariff are 50 to 100 times higher that what it cost service providers. According to officials, the move towards extensively remedy in SMS for consumers latest by March would be come soon. Currently, SMS costing less than 5% of the total revenue for mobile operator. The price of an SMS is a fraction of 1 paisa as a result of an average SMS exist of 1 KB data, which takes a fraction of a second for transferring & aborting. 
As it bring out, the true cost of sending an SMS would never have come to light if here entrants had not been forced to sign interconnection agreement with existing operators at a price that is for higher than the actual loss.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

SMS Architecture

If any mobile user looking for the way how a SMS takes a rout to reach one user's mobile to another associate mobile user, So user should must aware about SMS architecture which plays a very important role. Anyone can easily find out the way by takes a look to understand GSM, illustrated figure below.

SMS Architecture

At the beginning, if a user sends a SMS to his buddy,the SMS first deliver from the MS which is know as Mobile Station A to SM-SC(Short Message Service Center) Via the Base Station System (BSS), and then it catch up to the Mobile Station center(MSC) and finally combine with InterworkingMSC(IW-MSC). The use of Short Message Service Center (SM-SC) to carry ahead the SMS message to the GSM network through a definite GSM-MSC called the Short Message Service gateway MSC (SMS-GMSC). The SM-SC is allowed to link with several GSM networks and to several SM-GMSCs in a GSM network. The SMS-GMSC come across the contemporary MSC of the message acceptor and then step ahead the SMS message to that Mobile Station center, pursue the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) roaming protocol.The MSC then Publish the SMS through the Base Station System (BSS) to the destination MSB.

Friday, November 20, 2009

SMS :- Get Smile

virgin mobile Are you Guys carry a mobile? Have lots of friends, Looking for send SMS messages to get connect with them, wish to grow your friendship as well. So now recharge your mobile and feel free to send SMS messages to your near and dear friends. Here virgin mobile offering you a SMS plan at minimum cost in market.
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

iPhone 3G -Get SMS delivery reports


Since i bought my new iPhone 3G, instantaneously I thought out about a software whether it is required to download or not if apple not cast an option for SMS messages delivery report to the iPhone 3G software. Every time, when a person send a text message, he/she just look for a delivery report whether it have been delivered or not. It was a great disappoint when i caught that i have no access to get start delivery reports as Nokia Cell phone facilitate. That is the big reason behind i have to switch over O2 from my iPhone. Then, I discovered a route to accept delivery report for any SMS even though this is not in built option that I was looked for but overall this device is quit able to make you delivery report confirm for SMS.

In United Kingdom, for requesting a delivery report of SMS just simply type *0# to thetarting of a SMS . As the recipient gets SMS message, a auto generated delivery report will show as iChat bubble sign on iPhone, SMS is received a delivery report (delivery receipt) will come into sight as another iChat bubble sign on I-Phone, at a lower place of original SMS message (you recive a text message back).

Generally, Fewer cell phone networks don’t offer SMS delivery report codes and in some of communication network offers SMS delivery report codes that are distinguishable for every mobile network as well as for every country. These codes can work on other phones as well as on iPhones also. Below following codes for other networks.
Note:- Mind, These code are case sensitive.

UK Mobile Networks

O2 prefix *0#
Orange prefix RCT
T Mobile prefix *0#
Orange prefox RCT
Vodafone – No code exists for Vodafone
Virgin prefix *0#

US Cell Networks

T–Mobile prefix *noti#
Other Mobile Networks
Turkey Turkcell prefix *N#
Greece Vodafone GR prefix *#
Holland T-mobile prefix NM#
Belgium Proximus *R*
Spain Movistar prefix *N#
Vodacom / Mtn prefix rrr
Singapore SINGTEL #R#
Swedish Telia prefix *kv#
Brasil Oi prefix *N#

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SMS Gateway

The SMS gateway is a service that enables communicating device to accept as well as route SMS messages. The SMS gateway service is a futuristic solution that enables us to communicate between two people via text messages. This choice is only come-at-able if user using a cell phone to send and receive SMS messages. To start receiving messages, the server option dialog need to switch on receiving of SMS messages. Alternatively, SMS messages can be granted for routing as per to the logic detailed below. The routing for a SMS can be activated from the SMS properties dialog, by Right click on SMS properties.
Following steps takes to send a SMS message for routing.

SMS properties dialog
1.) Firstly, a SMS message follows a path (route) to the user who freshly fire a message to a particular and unique cell number. This departing SMS message received by that number and store as well couple with the user who sent that. If an SMS message get hands on cell phone, it will be understand that the SMS is an reply to the SMS the user sent, and therefore the SMS will be routed to that user.

2.) If a message with no auxiliary user is there (UN-routed messages), are requested to send to the Default SMS router(s). The Default configuration can be made from in SMS router(s ) from SMS routing properties dialog, which can be handled by right click on the SMS routing node.

3.) Alternatively, each and every SMS messages, whether they are routed or UN-routed, can be address to one or more then one users concord in the “Receive all SMS messages tab”.

Routing rules for Inbound

1.) The receiver's cell phone is joined with a sender and the recipient's cell is concord with the sender there will be a default bottom line i.e. 5 hours of concurring date. In this condition, a cell phone number is assigned only with a single entity the concordat ion will never expire.

2.) In case of multiple conjoin users, the system start repeated audit for the older associations which are not yet expire. In expire case, they will take off and only the latest association will keep.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SMS vaildation Period


Today, every telecoms company offering short message services i.e SMS for its subscriber. People are using SMS service in quite frequently manner so it became essential to aware about a very common thing that is validation of his/her sending SMS. Earlier, people lived outwardly from advanced aid In this information age, But , now world has gained something and the time has also changed. Now, people usually carry cell phone and spend much time on typing SMS to our friend or relatives but very least people know how the validation of an SMS happens. Exactly when a SMS has to be sent and recipient's cell phone is in switched off mode then firstly it stores in temporarily in SMS center. Now, a requirement comes arise about validation so there is a need to define a time span after that SMS will be black out from massage center then that SMS will not be delivered to the recipient cell phone whenever one switch on his/her mobile. This time span for delivering the sms is known as SMS validity period. This validation Period can be set by accessing menu option in cell phone. After setting down, the cell phone settings will allow for make room for the validity period in the outgoing SMS automatically.

After sending a SMS a question come around in mind that whether SMS has
reached to the receivers end successfully or not. To acquire this knowledge, we need to choose a flag in SMS option menu to alert the SMS center that has demanded for delivery report for the sending SMS. This status displayed on our cellphone as the SMS gets delivered to the desired recipients. Almost, every mobile have a option menu that can be used to set a flag for the delivery report status report whether it is On or Off.