Friday, February 26, 2010

Nokia N97 mini Gold Edition revealed

Nokia N97 mini Gold

Nokia is prestigious name in mobile world. Now, Nokia has stepped into the luxury mobile market with its new N-series mobile i.e. N-97 Mini Phone with Gold Edition is a pure 18 carat gold plated Product.

Nokia N97 mini Gold
This luxury edition will definitely attract many users with its wide 3.2-inch touch screen display with a high definition resolution of 360x640. There are other heart capturing features also like 8GB in-built memory space, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a micro SD memory card slot, 3G HSDPA, Wi-Fi connectivity, an integrated FM transmitter and a 5-megapixel camera with Autofocus and Carl Zeiss optics. User also can take advantage by sending SMS to their beloved. This Special edition will be shortly available in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Middle East. The price of Nokia special edition is around $850.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MEIZU M8 - Likely to Be Your Cup Of Tea


In today’s world, mobile phones have been proven as a revolutionized communicating device for everyone. The popularity and demand of these gadgets increasing in day to day scenario. In this context MEIZU has launched its MEIZU M8 mobile phone device in market with a attractive style and sleek designed with latest features. MEIZU M8 will surely becomes a big challenge for all front line mobile phone manufactures.


General Feature:

Dimensions: 108 x 59 mm along with 12mm thickness and 118 grams weight with battery
Memory: ROM 256 MB and Built in Capacity up to 8GB/16 GB
Camera: 3200000 PX CMOS camera with auto focus facility.
Earphone/headset: Stereo headphone wire with 50 Hz to 20,000HZ frequency response.32ohms resistance.
Video: M8 supports AVI, MP3GP, MOV, ASF, WMV, MPEG, MKV, FLV formats.
Frequency: GSM (900, 1800), GPRS
Operating System: Windows CE6.0 Based Mymobile operating system.
Model: BA1200, 1200mAh, 3.7V, Lithium polymer battery
Call time: Up to 370 minutes
Standby time:
With SIM card, up to 179 hours
Without SIM card, up to 374 hours
Video playback time: Up to 7 hours
Music playback time: Up to 21.5 hours
Sensor: Gravity sensor, Ambient light sensor, Distance infrared sensor and touch sensor.

Advance Features:

1. Hi-tech feature

Wide display with 3.4-inch 720x480 high-definition along 667 MHz CPU frequency, 256 MB ROM memory capacity, Proximity /Gravity /Ambient light sensors and multi-touch application.

2. High-performance audio and video playback

Meizu having Inherent professional multimedia technology quality, Bye Bye MP3/MP4 player, M8 carry out excellent audio & video playback feature.

3. Mobile internet

M8 may take you anywhere you desired to go through internet without a computer. Web surfing E-mail sending, instant messaging is the most eye catching feature. User can also enjoy SMS texting anywhere.

4. Infinite expansibility

Under the infinite expansibility feature the SDK allows to develop software for third party.M8 will be constructed on a public platform for all web/internet applications.

Monday, February 22, 2010

‘Vennela Super’ life time plan By Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, India's leading mobile service provider has been launched‘Vennela Super’ new life time plan for Andra Pradesh domain. The users can enjoy talking without counting minutes and also have fun with SMS texting. The new life time plan loaded with just Rs 1paise/sec without using any vouchers card. Just a 100 Rs minimum top up voucher will requries for quatrely validity.

Bsnl-Vennela Super

Details of the Vennela Super plans:

* Available at just Rs 149.

* 20p/min is fixed for night calling within A.P. BSNL numbers.

* Call at 30p/min friends and family for any 5 A.P. BSNL numbers.

* STD, roaming, and local calls are charged as 1p/sec on own network and 1.2p/sec for other network.

* A free talk value of Rs 50 is accessible.

* Beyond 20p/ SMS, 250 SMS’s comes free per month.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

AT&T Android-powered Motorola Backflip in March

Motorola Backflip

AT&T officials just made an announced that company now completely set up to entertain the mobile world with its first Android-powered latest Smartphone device “Motorola BackFlip”. The mobile will shortly lands in market in month of March 2010. The mobile will be available on selected store at just $99.99 with 2-year contract agreement plan. BackFlip is a quit witty approach to lure Smartphone lovers.

Motorola Backflip

This phone packs 3.1-inches touch screen, a 5 megapixel flash camera with auto focus feature, allow text SMS messaging, Global positioning system, Wi-Fi and a camcorder function that intelligently associates the social networking websites like Face book, Orkut, Twitter and also support photo sharing application i.e. Picasa. The Back Flip Motorola powerded with ability to run Android 1.5 OS and supports HSDPA connectivity.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Banking Mobile App. Can Improve Customer's Response Just By SMS Pushing

A recent report shows that SMS campaign to promote a mobile banking app is a very quick and appropriate way to aim produce benefits than any other medium.

In last November, a O2 partnered Scottish bank bring out a SMS advertising to promote its new mobile banking iPhone app. associated with O2 media. A purely targeted SMS campaign settled down to send a SMS message to customer of the bank on their iPhone device. The data that have been used is highly secure by using a secret code which matches information with O2 opted-in iPhone subscriber in order to provide purely focused campaign even though keep up absolute user-privacy.

Finally in the end, the 20% response rate was generated after 1,00,000 hits on downloading for its application. This response really gets a appreciable level which is come after the campaign. Without any doubt the way of campaigning through iPhone and SMS promotion finds a new height of success.

The application developer had been receiving a considerable number of mail in an hour that is telling story of success of this application. This specific campaign also comes out with a new abstract called O2 Money that is active venture between the operator and the bank customer. This allows band customers to use pre-paid Visa card.
Without data from O2 media in terms of iPhone-users and anonym zed sort-code information, bank wouldn’t have been able to produce the results they did. Carriers around the world need to take note and learn from O2’s example

Thursday, February 18, 2010

SMS Can Manage Your Life


The mobile phone is a best suited device for web applications, let you connect with data through SMS message. Updating current status and revert back your information over a distance without any electrical means. Users don't require a high tech mobile device for get arrange with most viewed Web Pages. User just needs a simple text SMS message enabled mobile device for sending and receiving information.


The Google calendar not only alerts you about to for any event but also helps you in reverting and add to Google calendar by SMS message short code GVENT.

*    Send "next” to find alert regarding your next scheduled event.
*   Send "day" to catch an alert containing all of your scheduled events for the present day.
*   Send "nday" to catch an alert containing all of your events for the following day.
*   To add an event, send “GVENT meet on Smith’s house at 3PM, Saturday”

Twitter universal SMS interface:

Many of people are not able to catch micro-bogging tool there is Twitter becoming very useful for those people. Various Twitter bots allows to connect with user's most favorite webapp. make Twitter quit strong. By selecting proper SMS interface application of Twitter, user can update web based data in third party's apps employing your mobile device. In any case, if user is using proper SMS enabled application of twitter and not interested in set up your mobile phone in Google Calendar too, Than direct SMS messaging the gcel allow to add a event to users calendar.

Twitter user commands, like this:

*    d gcal meeting with Alex tomorrow at 5pm
*    d gcal meeting with Lucy on Monday, 21th of June at 9 Am.

To-do list

Speaking of Twitter bots, even more useful than the gcal bot is the rtm (Remember the Milk) bot, which can add, update and retrieve your todo list via SMS commands. Just send a direct message with the right command to the rtm Twitter user.

Some examples:

*Add todo's to your list with task and optional time, like
d rtm pick up the milk
d rtm call jimmy at 5pm tomorrow
d rtm return library books in 2 weeks.
*Get today's todo list with d rtm !today
*Retrieve all tasks for a specific context, with d rtm !getlist shopping.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

GOGII TextPlus App Rocks Android Market

TextPlusA distinct and favorite service from Apple App Store has got milestone in finding its status symbol in Android Market.

GOGII's TextPlus a popular service that offers countless and multiplayers chat and SMS feature as well. TextPlus gives freedom for free ad-supported and unlimited SMS messaging for Android users. Consumers can clinch instant group text conversation with buddy across the country carriers, even without a SMS messaging plan.

This service folks every SMS texter who favors SMS texting as their favorite medium. SMS texter also can be use TextPlus in communicating with work group members. GoGII TextPlus such a wonderful solution for a wide extent of user types. This grants both old-school, one-on-one texting as well as what the company calls "next-generation texting - rich, engaging environments and instant group text conversations."

GOGII’s TextPlus contains answers of all feature functions like the homonymous email function, making SMS texting into a chat environment for users to carry on party line-esquire conversations, make plans with several other users at once, or make text-based intros.

Here is a demo of TextPlus App on Apple mobile device:

Mobile loaded with TextPlus application can also stablish text conversation even when the SMS text recipient isn't a textPlus user.

As of today, the frequency of downloading TextPlus iPhone and iPod Touch application is around 3.5 million times. Company GOGII has publicizes an $8.2 million Series B till end of the month. The company is also trying to get beta testers for BlackBerry version of the service too.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is it Possible to Improve Public Transport through SMS Gateways?

Public TransportA new face of SMS gateway emerging out as a tool for better service delivery besides setting up any communication. Certainly, it improves the public transport system.
Before did you ever find any transport vehicle, anywhere in your region?

Well this idea must be a good for all but sometimes it may be very frustrating when the services being called off without any warning. This may leads botheration for the number of people who don’t have any other means of transport. A survey report shows that a large number of people will need transportation mean to reach any place from current location during their visit across the world, So public transport service providers requires a quit fast and accurate approach that will supply painless experience. SMS gate definitely a best solution for this problem.

Let’s take a look how SMS gateway comes into play

1.) Train Service

The foremost advantage of SMS gateways is that it offers two-way communication. So the right implementation of the application programming interface allows setting up a system that permits commuters to send an SMS message to a specific number to query the status of their chosen from of transportation. This means that service will be reachable at the maximum number of people and they also can travel accordingly. This service can also be improves by informing them of possible delays and possible alternative transport as well as suggestions.

2.) Bus Services

One of the main advantage of bus service over train service is that the there are more buses available in between two particular points. This leads that should you miss a bus on 9:10 you will get next bus on 9:20, possibly for the same rout or couple of brick away. But the new visitor who doesn’t know about the place and not aware from where the buses are running from, getting on the right bus could be a headache. What to do? The perfect execution of the idea that allow people in finding the right and closest stop from your current place. The map service link with the SMS gateway will make it possible to map the location of the commuter and then reply with all the possible stops in the area.

Benefit of Using SMS Gateways to Public Transport Services

• A common medium i.e. mobile phone
• Affordable communication for both commuters and public transportation services
• Increased public visibility of the transportation services (which could lead to an increase in revenue)
• Improved customer satisfaction
• Customer retention

These benefits are not only particular public transport services, but to all businesses.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Easing Education Through Bulk SMS

EducationBulk SMS emerging as a strong idea of transferring knowledge between teachers, students and parents. The various option are present here for schools and educational institutions who are willing to offer better helpline to improve results of their student at end of the year. We people all knows what’s gone in previous year in academics point of view. News about to commit subside due to laying studies burden on students, are still hot in headlines.
Definitely the thought moving in invariable manners in parent's mind about this year's matriculate- will their children bring off impressive result this year compare to previous one? But to avoid dwelling on the sensitive topic, let’s take a look at ways schools can improve their chances for success in the future through Bulk SMS.
Before starting how this idea can be implementing in practice, let have a look over why educational institutions take this idea into count in order to send off possible advantages to all.

Some short listed advantages:

1.) Bulk SMS Improves Teacher-Parent Communication

* Test results: “Dear Mr. Jainiwasan, please note that your child received 45% marks in Physics test”
* Class attendance: “Dear Mr. Jainiwasan, Arun has not attended class/school today”
* Teacher-parent Meeting: “Dear Mrs. Jonson, parents meeting will be on next Saturday in morning hours.
* Exam date reminders: “Mrs Jainiwasan, Chemistry weekly assessment will be on Tuesday. Please make sure Arun is prepared and available.”
* School fee reminders: “Dear Mrs Jainiwasan, please remember to settle the school fees by Feb. 28th”
This approach clears that teacher always be into touch with parents to transfer the important news updates through bulk SMS.

2.) Bulk SMS to Impress Teacher-Student Communication

* Test date: “Atul, mathematics weekly assessment on Thursday, prepare p56 to p90, 10% marks count in final exams.
* Project due date: “Atul, life sciences project due Monday, 18 Feb”
* School events: “Cricket match this Sunday - come support your team!”
* School activities: “Trip to science museum on Friday 19 Feb - bring your notebook”
Look, Bulk SMS keep teacher-student communication pretty cool throughout the year.

3.) Bulk SMS is low-priced

* Easy application installed Bulk SMS software by means of current browsers over the internet.
* Easy software handling.
* Bulk SMS available really on affordable price
* Easy Application Programming Interfaces (API’s).
* Save money, Bulk SMS an alternative way of communication, helping in cost cutting on telephone bills, stencils, post letters and all.
* Allow instant communication between teacher-parents and teacher- Student.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reliance Communication launch SMS-based email services

There is a great news for all the subscribers of Reliance Communications and Tata Teleservices.Reliance Communications and Tata Teleservices have separately announced SMS-based email services for their subscribers.Through this platform users will be able to check all their mails on any type of handset.This service enables subscribers to receive check, download and retrieve email messages using the SMS.

Tata Indicom and Tata Docomo is offering the service to their subscribers that every SMS can be sent at Rs 15 per month and 50 paise. And Reliance Communications is offering the service at Rs 30 and a usage tariff of 50 paise per SMS sent.