Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Landscap Style Texting with New iPhone app.

iPhone SMS Touch App.
Mark Schneider has been developed many Touch type iPhone application to entertain users. His new app design ‘SMS Touch’, follows simply procedure to send SMS through mobile.

SMS Touch application gives facility to type SMS text in landscape style. In case of e-mail it does not supports reading and writing in that mode. This is what we can say the limitation of SMS app. Users can also send SMS on free of cost just because of that application just email the text SMS via SMS gateway rather than sending SMS. Sooner or later recipient receives the SMS in text format.

There is one of the considering aspect is that the recipient’s phone does not fetches the contact name and number of sender, Only a randomly generated number will be display on screen.

Mail signature is using against to solve the problem that is emerges in U.S, where a user has complained that this application not running in his region but this also increases length of text. Spell check function is also available to writ correct. SMS Touch is not suitable to send text SMS but if you are interested in sending free text message instead of paying monthly rental charges from the company then you can use it for your mobile phone.

The market price is jus $4.99. User can check it out to download and install from direct iTunes link.

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