Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Send free SMS by LG Watch Phone

LG Watch Phone
The entire gadget lovers’s world desperate to catch all new devices all the time. So how could it happens that they lacks a step back on new launch of LG. LG launches a watch that is having all the feature of any mobile phone. This watch has really lucrative and sharp looks. LG has made a successful attempt for gadget lovers with their watch phone. LG watch phone very easy to carry because of its light weight. This awesome device offers a acceptable level of crystal clear communication with a stunning piece of luxury. Don’t bother users if you having one more thing in your pocket. It looks quite intuitive, and the moderate glass on the surface apparently works as a capacitive touch screen, making it pretty easy to use as the one on the iPhone. LG watch phone has a tiny dial pad allow easy dialing while users want to make a call to anywhere. According to LG, SMS Messaging will be done in a similar manner with a virtual T9 keypad. The charging pins are on the underside of the watch, which can then be connected to a charging connector. The adjustment of strap can also be quite easy. On the right side of the watch are three buttons: the Talk, Clear, and End buttons, respectively.


* The screen supports 65k colors
* Screen size 1.3 inches diagonally so the watch will play back MP4 at full screen
* Touch-screen enables watch phone to offers video playback
* It have quad-band GSM and 3G/HSDPA and GSM frequencies are about to 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
* The watch phone supports stereo Bluetooth
* LG Watch Phone even has a VGA camera
* Video conferencing facility.